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We searched south and West Wales for handmade 3D work that we really loved.  We feel that if we believe in and love the items, that we can then talk with passion about them and ultimately transfer this into sales for the Makers!  The work was also chosen to marry well and harmonise with our own, so that the overall look of the retail area looks pleasing and inviting. 

We'll be introducing these chosen few here on our blog. 

But first, here's our chosen Welsh Makers!

  • Louise Hall - Ceramics
  • Carlo Briscoe - Ceramics
  • Yvette Brown - Pewter and Wood
  • Jane Malvisi - Ceramics
  • Alexana Blott - Metal
  • Aled Jenkins - Slate
  • Simon Mason - Stone and Glass
  • Caroline Rees - Paper
  • Suzanne Morgan - Felt
  • Jan Howe - Ceramics


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