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Stained Glass Awards for The Best Post Graduate Trainees of 2016

Angelina has been working on these awards for the last couple of month and they were finally presented at a reception held in Aberdare Hall, Corbett Road, Cardiff on 28th Feb, 2017.

When approached to design these awards, Angelina wanted to make a design that would be personal to each of the winners.  She therefore made the designs reflect the medical discipline of each winner.


Dentistry, Orthopedic Surgery, Psychiatry


Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine.

The images were hand painted onto the glass using a traditional trace and matt wash technique used in church windows.  This is then fired in a kiln twice to fix the graphite paint onto the surface of the glass.

The Deanery Logo of a Welsh Dragon was then hand etched onto the red glass, completing the design.

The Deanery wanted the main prize to stand out from the other awards.


In this piece, the colours were reversed and irridescent glass was used to relflect light off its surface.  This award was also made bigger than the rest.


This was a super commission, and we hope that the trainee doctors will be very proud of their award and have them on display for many years to come.

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