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Simon's work is now available from our newly opened gallery, located at Station Approach, Penarth, Cardiff. You can park right outside too! Come and see his fantastic work!

"I come from a small coastal town called Llanelli in South Wales. It’s a truly beautiful place to live with plenty of shoreline to explore and enjoy. For as many years as I can remember, I have had a fascination with beaches and all the flotsam(Treasure) that you find there. I can lose myself for hours imagining the journeys pieces of driftwood may have taken before it arrived at my favourite spot. I sometimes send them back out to sea, maybe someone far far away will find it next, maybe you. Even when I was a young child, I loved the pebbles we found on our beaches.  I would collect the strange stones take them home and use them as characters in my imaginary stories. They were my action figures, I gave them names, I was an odd child. 

Then while on a cottage holiday on the West Wales coast I saw some Pebble Art (It was actually hanging in the Loo!) and it immediately brought back all the memories of ‘Stonie the stone’ and all his weirdly shaped chums. I was so taken with the beauty and simplicity of the work that  I decided then and there (On the loo) to create some pebble art for my own home.

I went to my favorite beach and sat there collecting stones and with very little idea of what I wanted to create. Before too long the pebbles began to come to life once more, each had its own story to tell.  So, ever since that day I have always based my work on the tales within the stones, some of them are the stories I imagined as a small child…." - Simon Mason


The photos show a new large piece(50cm) that Simon has produced for the Gallery. 'Revival' is completely original and is produced from recycled blue cobalt glass.

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